Three million times I was trying to find
The right words to describe what`s on my mind
But none of all poems, not in century`s time
Was ever as close, as your heart is to mine.

What I see in your eyes, I am calling – “My World”
And if it somehow breaks, or becomes more, less cold…
Then my heart will stop beating, cause it happened to be
That your heartbeat is breathing the life into me!

Whether I`m smiling or not, it`s around –
Unusual feelings that makes me proud:
The magic, the love, the sunshine you give.
I am lucky to have you and I won`t ever leave!

Thousand times kicked and punched, but I feel like brand new.
So tell me my sweetheart, are you feeling it too?
Cause only meeting the sunrise with you, without fears
Might be better than watching sunset and holding our hands.

probilo margo6ku na romantiku))) vpervie za dolgoe vremja 4eta skleilosj)